preschools in sparks nv

Kindergarten Readiness Program

Our preschool teachers focus on the Nevada Pre-K Standards to ensure each child has accomplished the skills which are recommended for beginning kindergarten. Within a structured yet cheerful, creative, and language-rich preschool environment, each child gains the benefits of attending preschool because they are given the freedom to learn at their own individual pace, allowing their abilities to emerge and flourish through our Sparks preschool programs. As we begin building upon skills and working toward kindergarten preparedness, our mission is to provide our students with the skills and competencies which provide the foundation for academic success. We strive to have the very best preschool in Sparks, NV by offering services that will help your child better grow and develop. This is why a lot of our focus is on individualized educational plans. These educational plans are specifically developed for each child, designed to instill an understanding of their own uniqueness, enable students to experience success, increase self confidence, and to develop individually.


Literacy Skills
Circle Time
Music and Movement
Arts and Crafts
Free Choice Activities
Teacher Directed Projects
Receptive and Expressive Language

Beginning Literacy Skills

Through our preschool reading programs, children begin to recognize that a series of printed letters create a word that has meaning. To encourage this recognition, students dictate their own picture captions and stories. In this manner, they discover their words can be translated into print as they watch their preschool teachers write what they describe. Playing, working, and socializing with peers and teachers allows for opportunities to further develop both receptive and expressive language.

Learning experiences are enriched through circle time, music and movement, arts and crafts, free choice activities, and teacher directed projects in our preschools. Much of the learning is organized around concrete themes that have relevance and meaning to children. Through careful observations, our preschool teachers facilitate learning by developing emergent lesson plans designed to engage students to connect books, songs, discussions, art work, dramatic play, science experiments, writing and construction projects to their growing skills.

Kindergarten Readiness Classrooms

You will find bright and cheery rooms with the children’s art and writing projects proudly displayed throughout our preschool and daycare in Sparks. The manuscript alphabet is displayed throughout these classrooms and in the writing center. The Circle Time area contains a calendar, a weather chart, a classroom helpers chart, and various interesting visual displays relating to the daily lesson plans.

Science, Math & Geometry

The science learning center contains interesting materials for hands-on discovery such as magnets together with a collection of objects for the children to discover what is magnetic and what is not magnetic. Or you may find autumn leaves the children have collected along with magnifiers and the children’s dictated explanations of why the leaves have changed color.

The math learning center contains hands-on materials such as brightly colored counting cubes, counting games, materials for matching, classifying, and sorting.

The preschool construction center will always have unit blocks and a variety of materials are added to facilitate creative building, such as wooden train tracks and trains, cars and ramps, Lincoln logs, large picture books with brightly colored pictures, and sets of animals and people.

Other Creative Learning Centers

Centers include manipulatives, home living, a music center, library, a quiet area for enjoying books, writing center, art, math, science, and sometimes the teachers may create a special interest area that relates to the theme the children are studying.

The centers are stocked with pencils, rulers, stencils, various writing materials and paper, play-dough and various sensory materials, safety scissors, glue, musical instruments, books and children’s literature collections, chalk and individual chalkboards, individual dry erase boards, puzzles, cars and transportation items, dolls, dress up clothes, play food and kitchen items, board games, and various manipulatives. Through careful observation of the children’s activity in the centers, teachers work to inspire learning by continually changing out and adding materials of interest to the children. Our kindergarten readiness programs make for the best preschools in the Sparks, NV area.