Education & Care Philosophy

Our early childhood educational programs are designed to cultivate the overall growth and development of children through sound educational experiences. We believe that play is the work of children. We ensure that each child is guaranteed the time, freedom, and tools to accomplish that vital work. Our fundamental belief that children learn best through meaningful play is reflected in our child-centered programs.

Instilling a love of learning is at the heart of our program.

We celebrate each child’s unique interests, abilities, and learning styles. Likewise, we understand that children develop uniquely and pass through stages differently. Our goal at this Reno preschool is to help your child reach her/his full potential. While our emphasis is on children, we realize that family involvement is extremely important and we encourage it.

Educators at Little Bear and University Preschool Reno NV


Education & Care

Nevada Quality Rating & Improvement System

Both Little Bear & University Preschools are participating in Nevada Silver State Stars Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS), which has been developed to assess the level of quality in child care centers in Nevada and help families find high quality childcare that fits their needs and the needs of their children. QRIS standards include quality indicators that expand on licensing requirements in the areas of program policies and procedures; administration and staff development; health and safety; and family and community partners. At Little Bear & University Preschools, we strive to be considered one of the best Reno preschool in Reno, NV!

preschool reno nv
preschool reno nv

Healthy Way to Grow

We also partner with Healthy Way to Grow. In an effort to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic, the American Heart Association and Nemours have teamed up to create Healthy Way to Grow, a program aimed at creating healthy childcare environments for children. This program provides hands-on assistance, customized training, resources, and tools to support healthier lifestyles of children. Our goal is to create an environment for young children to develop healthy habits for life.

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