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Reno-Sparks Preschool Program

In this beginning Reno and Sparks preschool program, children explore their independence and autonomy, begin to build their own relationships with others, negotiate conflicts, and establish bonds. Teachers support negotiation, conflict resolution, and relationship building skills that children develop as they grow though this developmental stage. Your child benefits from attending our preschool because each year, our Sparks and Reno preschool teachers support our children in how to think about their interactions with others and how to help them move through new social triumphs and challenges that are all part of a natural progression of growing up. Of course, as play is the work of children, a great deal of the work in the Sparks and Reno preschool programs are based on play.

Foundational Skills
Listening Skills
Social Skill Development
Art and Dramatic Play
Math and Science

Foundational Skills

Foundational reading and writing skills are introduced in our Reno and Sparks preschools program. Children may discover how letters can be made with their bodies, or how stories can be developed dramatically through make-believe. They are provided with many opportunities for pre-reading, writing, speaking, and listening to hone in their beginning language arts skills.

They learn about geometry and math by building with blocks, Legos, counting, matching, pattern sequencing, recognizing similarities and differences.

Sparks & Reno Preschool Classrooms

A cheerful, child-centered Sparks and Reno preschool classroom reinforces children’s independence, intellectual development, and stimulates discussion. One of the best parts and benefits of attending preschool is the environment that your child will learn in. Our teachers create an atmosphere that invites children to observe, to be active, and to make choices in their Reno and Sparks preschools. The daily schedule offers a broad range of structured and unstructured activities and provide children with the security of routine. Working independently, in small groups, and one-on-one with teachers, children learn through hands-on exploration of a wide selection of materials.

Learning Centers

Learning centers include: home living, math, science, writing and literacy, art, blocks and construction, manipulatives, library and children’s literature, sensory, and outdoor playground.

More complex manipulatives are introduced in the Reno and Sparks preschools classroom to enhance eye-hand coordination, fine motor development, and encourage cooperative play.

Writing and Art Centers

The writing center includes pencils, thin markers, alphabet stencils, many varieties of paper, rulers, and materials that inspire children to write and create. Each child has their own notebook for writing which provides them the freedom to work at their own individualized pace allowing their emerging abilities to flourish.

The art centers are stocked with crayons, scissors, glue and glue sticks, paints, multi-colored construction paper, and materials are added on a daily basis to enhance the curriculum and inspire creativity.

Blocks, Home Living, Math and Science

Wood unit blocks are introduced. The Home Living area includes dress up clothes, pretend food for cooking, dishes and utensils, dolls to care for, and the teachers may accentuate this center to inspire play associated with the theme.

Math and Science learning centers are equipped with magnifying glasses and objects to examine, magnets, cocoons to hatch, beans to watch grow, peg boards, and various and assorted counting sets and games. The teachers change and add materials to these centers to keep the children interested and inspired during their time at the Reno and Sparks preschools programs.

Reno Preschool Learning Concepts

Learning concepts are introduced during Circle Time and carried throughout the day in most of the learning centers. There are always books available in the classroom library, puppets, play-dough, a multitude of sensory activities are prepared daily, and art is always available as a choice. Music and movement activities are presented twice per day, and FUN while mandatory.