reno preschoolThe first day of preschool can be a day of mixed emotions for you and your child. Parents may be eager for the great experiences and fun in store for their children, but shocked at how fast time has passed. Your child could be excited for the new change, but unsure of going off on their own and doing something new. Finding the right preschool in Sparks, NV and Reno, NV for your child to feel comfortable is important. 

For many kids, the first day of school can be a frightening experience. Whether you are nervous or keen to send your child off on this new adventure, there are ways to prep your children so they can be as excited as possible for their first day of school.

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Here are some tips to get your child ready for preschool in Sparks NV:

Create A Preschool-Friendly Environment At Home

Moving into a new environment can be a scary experience for anyone, whether you are moving to a different city for a job, a freshman moving into a college dorm, or a preschooler getting ready for their first day of school.

To help ease the transition, parents need to reduce the anxiety levels in their children first. This can be done by creating a comfortable space at home to make their child familiar with the preschool environment.

Create a preschool playroom by giving one of your rooms a small makeover. You can get some small and colorful tables and chairs with a whiteboard to make it appear like a classroom. Go over classroom procedures, like putting away your coat and shoes each time your child walks in.

Furthermore, this investment will not go to waste as your child can later use the tables and chairs for play and study.

Teach Your Child Independence

One major reason why your child may not be excited to go to school is their fear of being without you. To overcome this, you need to prepare your child to spend some time without you and be comfortable around strangers.

Try to introduce your child to other children in the community and let them play with each other.  Bring them to the preschool for a playdate or a tour so they can get comfortable in the new environment.

This will help your child to get excited about spending time with others and making new friends. Consequently, this gets them geared up and ready for preschool.

Buy Them A Bag And Fun Accessories

In addition, you can get your child excited for school day by going on a shopping trip together for school supplies and clothes. Let your child pick out their backpack and and help them write their name on their new items.

Also, try to encourage your child to get involved in games and competitions. Preschools in Sparks hold sports and game competitions regularly. You can get your child excited to take part in these competitions as they’re a part of their curriculum.

Remember that all children are different. What works for one may not always work for the other. Understand what excites your child, and also about what worries them about preschool in Sparks, NV. Do your best to ease their anxiety and show them how fun this new experience is going to be. For more information on Little Bear Preschool in Sparks and University Preschool in Reno,  visit our website.

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