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Your children can get plenty of benefits from topnotch childcare, especially if they enroll in our childcare in Reno, NV. Your little ones will get an advantage by growing mentally, physically, emotionally and socially at our facility.

The mind of a child is like a sponge, and they can take in huge amounts of information at once. They can be quick to memorize things like spellings of long words or capitals of various countries. During this critical time it is important to instill appropriate skills, values and manners in your child.  

School life can be stressful for your children as they make a transition to a new setting where there is a lack of familiarity and plenty of strangers. Prepare your kids for these moments by enrolling them in our childcare center.

Finding quality childcare is difficult, but these steps can ease the way:

Start Early

Start your Reno preschool search as early as possible. If you’re expecting a baby, start researching all the options available to you! You may have to get on a waiting list even before the birth of your child. It is important to start early as this process can be time consuming. Plus, once you have your child, you’ll already have your hands full!

Call Referral Agencies

Call local experts and childcare referral agencies for detailed information on childcare and other options in Reno that might meet your needs. Be prepared to ask questions like:

  • Which childcare providers are licensed by the state of Nevada?
  • What are the specific childcare licensing requirements in Reno?
  • Is there some form of childcare quality rating system in Reno?
  • Am I eligible for any childcare financial assistance program?   

Visit Childcare Centers

Visit the childcare in Reno, NV facilities you have narrowed-down and ask relevant questions. Take into account these 5 core quality indicators:

  1. What is the child to adult ratio? Your kid will get more attention if there are fewer children for each adult. This is especially important for younger kids. For example, the adult to child ratio for babies should not be more than 1:4. 
  2. Group size should be appropriate, find the number of children in each group. Smaller groups are better than larger ones because they are safer and calmer.
  3. Consider the qualifications of caregivers. Ask questions regarding their education and training. Caregivers with special training and the right certifications and qualifications will be better for your children.
  4. Consider the number of years they have worked for the respective childcare center. A high turnover should raise a red flag.
  5. Accreditation by a national body is vital. Find out if your childcare provider has met all the necessary standards and state licensing requirements.

Make an Informed Decision

Collect information from various sources about the childcare programs that you are considering.  Thoroughly review inspection reports and look for violations and infringements that may concern or alarm you as parents. Read reviews and references that other parents have made. Finally, compare what you have learned about each facility, and make the most informed decision.

At Little Bear Preschool, we take care of your toddlers and children like they are our own. We provide personal attention to your children in our childcare centers and have over 50 years of experience and are considered the best preschool in Reno, NV by many.  Contact us today and visit our website for more information.

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