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There are variety of different reasons why parents search for childcare. For instance, some studies have indicated that children exposed to high-quality preschool programs similar to those at Little Bear Childcare Reno, NV perform better in elementary and high school. Furthermore, the right preschool will build a solid educational foundation that could lead to higher paying careers.

But, since there are hundreds of in-home daycares and preschool centers in and around Reno, it can be difficult to narrow it down to the best program.

Here are some tested tips to help you choose the best childcare in Reno, NV:

  1. Open Houses/Preschool Fairs

Make plans to attend several open houses at the Reno preschools you are interested in learning more about. An open house provides a wonderful opportunity for first time parents to not only tour a prospective childcare facility, but also meet with key staff members including the directors, teachers and other office workers that will be responsible for the overall care of your child. Some suggested questions to ask at a preschool open house include:

  • What are your qualifications?
  • How safe is the center?
  • What are this preschool’s sick policies?
  • What is your child-to-staff ratio?
  • Can you explain the teaching/curriculum style?
  • Do you have a visitation policy?
  1. Reviews

Conducting a basic Internet search for childcare in Reno, NV should yield a plethora of results. In addition to general business information, you should also be able to read reviews from past and current parents from each of the preschools that you are interested in.

Reviews can be a valuable resource because they can provide you with insight into an organization that you won’t find by simply touring a center and asking questions. Many parents will post both positive and negative feedback about childcare in Reno, NV here.

  1. Referrals

Heed the recommendations of friends and family members regarding preschools they sent their children to. Our goal is to be considered the best preschool in Reno, NV. Remember what works educationally for one child might not necessarily work for another. Thus, Little Bear Preschool creates personalized educational plans for each child.

  1. Search Early

It’s certainly not uncommon for parents to begin their search for childcare in Reno, NV  or a Reno preschool for about a full year before they actually plan on sending their child. This will help ensure that you don’t have to settle on a preschool that wasn’t your first choice because of full enrollment. Don’t forget to ask about waiting lists.

  1. Credentialsreno preschools

Confirm that each center maintains all of the required licenses to operate a childcare facility. Background checks as well as degrees in child development are essential for an educated staff and a good learning experience.

  1. Standards

Little Bear Preschool in Reno is on the Nevada Pre-K Standards to ensure each child has accomplished the skills which are recommended for beginning kindergarten. This ensures that your child will be prepared and ahead of the curve when they start kindergarten.

  1. Programs & Trends

Determine which programs and trends in childcare matter to you most. These can include gluten-free menu items, kindergarten readiness programs, foundational literacy development, and many more.

  1. Warning Signs

Look for potential red flags of childcare in Reno, NV. Red flags can include:

  • cramped classrooms
  • dirty spaces
  • high staff turnover rates

Once you have followed these steps, you are sure to find the best childcare center for your child. Are you ready to get your child enrolled in our state of the art learning and childcare facilities?  Little Bear Preschool and childcare Reno, NV is here to help. Call us at 775.358.4128 or schedule a tour today.

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