child care reno nvIf you are on the proverbial fence about sending your child to preschool, then you certainly are not alone. There always seems to be an ongoing debate attached to educating students at home versus public schooling. Before you find yourself caught up in that argument, you might be delighted to learn that there are indeed a number of scientifically proven benefits associated with sending your child to a Reno preschool like Little Bear.

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Here are 10 considerable reasons why your child should attend preschools in Reno:

  1. Pre-Math & Literacy

It’s a fact that continues to be proven over and over again: kids who attend public preschool programs are better prepared for kindergarten than those who don’t. Little Bear & University is one of the only Reno preschools that focuses on an array of academic skills including mathematics, color recognition and a variety of innovative literacy activities.

  1. Motor Skills

Our Reno preschool and Sparks preschool curriculum helps students to develop fine motor skills and remain active through fun games for much of the time they are present.

  1. Social Development

A significant concern of many parents who stay at home with their kids is that their children may fall behind socially. Preschoolers learn invaluable social skills from their interactions at centers like Little Bear that work to promote nurturing relationships between children and teachers.

  1. Emotional Development

Most children are able to learn how to properly manage their frustrations and anger more efficiently in the high-quality preschool environment provided at Little Bear.

  1. Self-Worth

Wouldn’t it be nice if your child would offer to help you out around the house? If you find the right preschool in Reno or Sparks, then the teachers should be encouraging their students to take care of themselves and assist with routine tasks around the classroom in an effort to enhance self-worth.

  1. Structure

It’s never too early to begin learning in a structured environment, and Little Bear & University Preschool offers one of the most organized programs in all of Nevada.

  1. Teachers

The staff at many Reno preschools, like Little Bear & University, are all passionate about the teaching profession and demonstrate compassion for working with children.

  1. Financial Benefits

Since staying at home with your children can create a barrier between you and your career, the financial benefits of your child attending Reno preschools should not be ignored. In addition to receiving your regular salary, sending your child to preschool will also ensure that you maintain your current career path without missing any advancement opportunities. Your retirement funds, along with any Social Security benefits, will continue to grow while your child receives an education from the highly qualified staff.

  1. Curiosity

It’s difficult to find an age group more curious than a classroom full of preschoolers. Thus, the staff at Little Bear is fully aware that an active imagination can aid in the learning process. Because of this, they strive to harness and develop the curiosity of their students.

  1. Solid Foundation

Reno preschools establish a solid foundation for future learning and success throughout elementary and high school. Your child can get ahead of the curve and have all the necessary skills for kindergarten.

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